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These days we are surrounded by so many products that are mass produced and hold little real meaning to us. But the more pronounced this becomes, the more we crave unique and personal things. The number of blogs dedicated to DIY projects proves it! Weddings in particular are becoming more homemade and out of the box every day.

I would like to introduce you to one of the most meaningful ways to personalize your wedding I have ever seen.

With These Rings is a little workshop in Port Townsend that guides couples through the process of making wedding bands for each other. What a priceless opportunity, to actually create the rings that will represent your marriage and maybe even be passed down through generations.


The workshop was started by Stephanie Selle, who had been in the jewelry industry for over a decade before discovering this brilliant way to combine her two passions: teaching jewelry making, and creating meaningful heirlooms. For more about Stephanie and With These Rings, click here.

Stephanie says, “I like being able to offer something off of what is normally available. Now that weddings are becoming so personalized, people are thinking outside the box a bit more.”

I  met with Stephanie and she walked me through the process of fabricating a ring, from cutting the metal, to soldering, to shaping, and finally to sanding and polishing. You will spend half a day in her workshop, getting personal instruction every step of the way.

For designs with more detail or different shapes, you also have the option of carving and casting your rings – click here for more information on that process.

“It’s a memory. It’s this whole experience, and you’re creating something that’s going to last forever.”


The little shop is cozy and inviting, with tea to drink and all the right tools to help you create rings you love. Click here for more information on what to expect during the process, and here to get started designing your rings and making an appointment.

Port Townsend itself is a great little town with quaint B&Bs, delicious food, and plenty of places to hike nearby. Here is more information about turning your ring making workshop into a great getaway weekend!

If you are already married but love the idea of making rings for each other, consider making it a special anniversary treat. I know I will!

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