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Moment Junkie

I recently stumbled upon an amazing blog called Moment Junkie. The creators started the blog to give a shout out to wedding photojournalists who capture surprises and emotions throughout the day, and to remind us photographers what is more important at a wedding.

There is a growing trend of wedding albums being packed with gorgeously styled detail shots, and carefully posed couple photos in various scenes. While these are beautiful and it is nice to have some of them, they just don’t capture the essence of what really takes place at a wedding. A wedding is about two people being surrounded by their loved ones as they commit to each other.

A wedding is a celebration!

There are often tears of joy and bursts of laughter. Sometimes silly mistakes end up happening. There are surprises that no one could have imagined, but everyone loves to remember. All of these things are part of the wedding story, and these moments are what we look back on and smile about later as we remember the joyful day.

Capturing moments is the most important part of wedding photography to me, and it is the part I enjoy the most. It is the most challenging, and it is the most rewarding, and it is what makes me grin or laugh out loud while I am going through photos from a wedding. This feel is something I try to create for portrait and engagement sessions as well, by having people interact with each other, move around and talk so I can capture authentic expressions.

I have included some moments from weddings I have photographed that captured funny, surprising, or poignant moments. As I venture farther into the world of wedding photography, this will continue to be my primary focus, and I look forward to developing this skill more and more over years to come!


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