Jodee’s Desserts – Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw Desserts

I am always on the hunt for delicious desserts. As someone who avoids gluten and dairy and tries to minimize sugar intake to make my body happy, it is damn hard having a sweet tooth. And I do, a big fat one.

When I stumbled on Jodee’s Desserts, I was thrilled. Here is someone who really knows how to make desserts that are not only body conscious and full of nutrients, but freaking delicious and beautiful to boot.

Jodees-15Owner Jodee Capo calls her raw treats “fresh blended” since there is no baking involved, which means all the juicy nutrients stay intact. She uses organic ingredients, sourcing some locally and some from around the world, and always making sure they are fair trade and of the highest quality.

And she now caters weddings! Click here for more information.

Her desserts are largely made from coconuts (which she gets whole and hacks open herself for ultimate freshness), tropical nuts, seeds, raw cacao, exotic spices, fresh fruit and unrefined or raw sweeteners. She is also happy to accommodate nut and soy allergies, as well as low-glycemic options, which is ideal for paleo or diabetics.

Jodee has a passion for providing decadent sweets to people without compromising health. She was inspired by her own and her family’s food allergies to attend a gourmet raw food culinary school, and to employ many natural remedies while raising her children.

She says, “I loved the concept of eating whole fresh foods in a dessert.”


She also makes savory treats, fresh smoothies, soups and sandwiches in her shop just off Green Lake, so stop by for lunch and some tasty dessert! Click here for a full menu.

If you are looking for a creative solution for dietary restrictions at your wedding or other event, check out Jodee’s! You won’t regret it.

Note: she gave me a slice of her vanilla latte “cheesecake” (made with low-acidity cold brew coffee, yum), and though I tried valiantly to save a little to share with my husband, I couldn’t help but scarf down the entire thing. It is that delicious.

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