Grow Salon – Locally owned and eco-conscious salon

I came across this wonderful little eco-salon a couple years ago when I decided to swap my mid-back length hair for a super short pixie cut. At the time I didn’t have a regular place I went to, and wasn’t really sure what to look for in a hair salon. When I found Grow Salon and read on their website that they use all environment and human-friendly products, I thought it sounded like just the place for me.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted cheerily by the woman at the front desk and offered a cup of tea. Everyone was outgoing, friendly and excited about the drastic hair change I was making, and my stylist did a phenomenal job at of assimilating my vague ideas and Pinterest photos into a truly stellar hairstyle. Every time I have been there since, I have had the same great experience.

When I found out that Grow offers wedding hairstyling, I knew I had to get in there and take some photos of what they offer. I arranged to meet up with several stylists on their off day and photograph them creating bridal hairstyles so I could show off their stuff.

As I watched and photographed, I was amazed at the transformations taking place in front of me. Each style slowly morphed into these outstanding creations, and it became this awesome collaboration between a group of stylists, all with different ideas and sensibilities to contribute. I am 100% convinced there is nothing they can’t do. You can check out more about each stylist here.

The first style by Molly (done on another stylist, Jackie) was a retro-inspired bob, with a sassy modern feel. I absolutely love how this one came out!

The second was a gorgeous updo by JoAnn that looked effortlessly composed, but in reality involved perfectly curling and carefully placing each section of hair. I was blown away by the detailed process and masterful finished product.

The owner of Grow, Kesli, also joined in the fun, adding her input and collaborating with Jackie and Molly on coming up with a third hairstyle to do on herself. They came up with a perfectly mussed bohemian braided crown, with greenery and tiny flowers woven in to celebrate the beginning of spring. This type of style makes me wish I had long hair again!

Kesli started Grow in 2006 after working in several salons that she felt undervalued their stylists. She wanted to create a space where stylists would be appreciated and respected for their talents, and where clients would feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

“Our focus is the customer experience. We want visits to Grow to be a relaxing time where you can be taken care of. Our goal is to give a superior level of customer service that you can only receive at Grow!”

Everyone on the staff at Grow loves Kesli, because she actually works on the floor with the rest of them, all the while maintaining two salon locations in Ballard, and ensuring that all products they use are of the highest quality.

She says, “I’ve always been concerned with our impact on the environment and loved the idea of having a salon that carries products that not only work well, but are also healthy for our stylists, clients, and the earth.”

For more information or to book an appointment, visit Grow Salon’s website!

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