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You want to look amazing on your wedding day, but you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a dress you will only wear once. You want a fun and relaxed dress shopping experience, and also some expert help when it comes to finding the perfect dress for you. You want to be part of making the wedding industry cleaner and more sustainable, and you care about where the things you buy come from.

Enter Blue Sky Bridal.

This cozy consignment dress boutique is nestled in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, and offers a handpicked selection of pre-owned wedding dresses to fit just about any bride’s style and budget. All you have to do is make an appointment, and the shop and friendly staff will be at your (and only your) service, so you can try on dresses to your heart’s content.

“The clients that have the best time with us tend to be pretty laid back and genuine.

“We see a lot of DIY, a lot of couples paying for it themselves, and people who want to look good but don’t need everything to look absolutely “perfect”, or the whole wedding is ruined,” says owner Jen West, when asked what types of people tend to gravitate toward her shop.

The idea for Blue Sky Bridal came to Jen rather by accident when she began planning her own wedding in 2007. When it came to her dress, she wanted to find one that fit with her ethical values, her passion for sustainability, and of course her budget. Since no new dresses fit the bill, she went on the hunt for a pre-owned dress for herself, and simultaneously began matching up other eco-conscious brides with pre-owned dresses as she came across them. It turned out to be more fun than she could have imagined, and thus Blue Sky Bridal was born.

I had a great chat with Jen, along with Nicole who does all of Blue Sky Bridal’s marketing. Them and four other women (Trina, Giselle, Kendra and Kat ) make up the fun and easy-going staff at the boutique. They genuinely care and want to help you find the best dress you can, while staying within your budget. To read more about them and Blue Sky Bridal’s mission, click here.

Nicole says, “We really try to educate our brides even if they don’t buy here. We just hope that by the time they leave they feel comfortable with the experience of wedding dress shopping, and they feel confident that they can find what they’re looking for.”


According to Jen, they get dresses from just about every designer, ranging from David’s Bridal up to the most expensive Vera Wang dress you can imagine. She says, “We have a good grasp of what makes those dresses different, and sometimes what doesn’t. We know what you can or cannot get for your budget, and we always help you with that part.” Nicole adds,

“It’s the most fun when someone comes in and realizes they can get way more than they thought they could.

“That’s my favorite, when you can get them something that is better than they expected.”


For Jen, the most important factor is the localness, and helping make the wedding industry more eco-friendly and sustainable.

“If you come here, all of the dresses are pre-owned, which makes them the most environmentally friendly thing you could wear. They are also going to be cheaper, and half the money you spend is going to stay right here in Seattle, because they are all from Seattle brides. At the end of the month I write out checks to people, and they buy baby strollers or honeymoon tickets and all kinds of stuff. Whereas if you go to a big chain, the production can be kind of nasty and the money doesn’t stay here.

Your wedding is such a strange and special moment; the more you can personalize it and keep it from being corporate, the better.”

To learn more about Blue Sky Bridal, poke around their website, give them a call at (206) 783-8700, or send them an e-mail at



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