Looking for unique and awesome wedding vendors in Seattle?

Here is a collection of features I have put together about local businesses that are making weddings more personalized, more eco-friendly, easier on the budget, or just plain fun! They are all run by wonderful people, who believe that it doesn’t matter what a wedding looks like, just that two lovebirds are celebrating and expressing themselves how they want to.

 With These Rings

With These Rings is a little workshop in Port Townsend that guides couples through the process of making wedding bands for each other. What a priceless opportunity, to actually create the rings that will represent your marriage and maybe even be passed down through generations.


blue-sky-bridal-seattleBlue Sky Bridal

You want to look amazing on your wedding day, but you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a dress you will only wear once. You want a fun and relaxed dress shopping experience, and also some expert help when it comes to finding the perfect dress for you. You want to be part of making the wedding industry cleaner and more sustainable, and you care about where the things you buy come from. Enter Blue Sky Bridal!


Jodees-Desserts-Seattle Jodee’s Desserts

Jodee Capo calls her raw treats “fresh blended” since there is no baking involved, which means all the juicy nutrients stay intact. She uses organic ingredients, sourcing some locally and some from around the world, and always making sure they are fair trade and of the highest quality.

 Grow-salon-seattleGrow Salon

Grow is a fabulous eco-salon in Ballard, offering both cuts and styling perfect for weddings.  “Our focus is the customer experience. We want visits to Grow to be a relaxing time where you can be taken care of. Our goal is to give a superior level of customer service that you can only receive at Grow!”




Madres-Kitchen-cateringMadres Kitchen

Looking for a catering company that makes delicious food from local, organic ingredients? Hoping they can also accommodate your laundry list of dietary restrictions? Oh, and be fun yet professional, while making the food at your wedding look incredible, and keeping everything running smoothly?! For a reasonable price that won’t break your budget?!? You can have all this and more with Madres Kitchen.